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Does African Mango Really Work? Increasing Your Metabolism It’s Specialty

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Fact: The way that African Mango works for weight loss is in speeding up the body’s metabolism.

Does African Mango Really Work? Increasing Your Metabolism It’s Specialty

This is the general consensus among the health and weight experts today when it comes to the efficiency of the African Mango in the task of eliminating excess weights of one person. While there are other people who have some reservations in using this weight loss supplement, you should not listen or follow their paths since all you need to do is to spend some time reading the different reviews and studies conducted about the African Mango weight loss supplement.

If you want to achieve a fast and an effective weight loss, the first thing you need to do is to look for ways on how to speed your metabolism up. Based on the recommendations of the weight experts, one reason why there are some people who do not get fat even if they eat too much is due to their active or fast metabolism. So, in case you are having a hard time losing your excess weight, one good explanation for this might be due to your slow metabolism.

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Other Names:

African Mango, Agbono, Bread Tree, Bush Mango, Dika Nut, Dikanut, Dikka, Duiker Nut, Etima, Irvingia, Irvingia barteri, Irvingia gabonensis, Kaka, Mangifera gabonensis, Manguier Sauvage, Odika, Ogbono, Wild Mango.

IRVINGIA GABONENSIS Overview Information

Irvingia gabonensis is a tree, native to West Africa. The fruit is similar to a mango and is used for food. The seeds are used to make medicine.

There is interest in using supplements containing Irvingia gabonensis for weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, and improving control of diabetes.

How does it work?

Irvingia gabonensis seeds might lower cholesterol because of their high fiber content. The fiber increases removal of cholesterol from the body.

Some research suggests that Irvingia gabonensis seeds might also affect fat cells, which might reduce fat cell growth and increase the breakdown of fats.


High cholesterol. Some small studies show that Irvingia gabonensis seed extracts might reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels in people who are overweight. But this research is low quality.

Obesity. Some small studies show that Irvingia gabonensis seed extracts might help reduce weight in people who are overweight, especially if combined with a low-calorie diet. But this research is poor quality.


Other conditions.

More evidence is needed to rate Irvingia gabonensis for these uses.


Irvingia gabonensis is POSSIBLY SAFE for adults when a crude seed extract is taken for up to 4 weeks, or when a specific standardized seed extract called IGOB131 is used for up to 10 weeks. The only side effects reported are flatulence, headaches, and sleep problems.

Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of Irvingia gabonensis during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

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Why Dr. OZ Likes African Mango, Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean

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Why Dr. OZ Likes African Mango

Ah, if only life was like it is in advertisements! Not one of us would have a wrinkle. A duck or a lizard would solve all our insurance problems and a couple of pills would let us all wake up looking like Halle Berry.

“A duck or a lizard would solve all our insurance problems and a couple of pills would let us all wake up looking like Halle Berry.”

It’s easy to get cynical about advertising and the people who endorse certain products. But there is one man millions of people do trust when it comes to their health and that’s Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz is only one of a handful of people I trust on TV these days. Why? Because he really is a doctor and a practicing surgeon and he cares. When he promotes a product, you know he’s had his team of people examine it closely to find out if it’s bona fide and it delivers.

Women love Dr. Oz as much as they loved Oprah’s shows, making it the number one talk show for women aged between 25 and 54. His passion for educating us about the right ways to lose weight, live right and stay healthy is obvious.

If you’re at work or busy when his shows are on, do yourself a favor; record every one. Not everything will apply to you, but there will be many things that do. He and his guests will fill you with knowledge and enthusiasm to make you do something to improve your life! His programs are diverse. He talks about why people can’t lose weight, and then he offers practical solutions. He has guests who demonstrate how exercising can be fun and easy. He shows you how to exercise even if you don’t have access to a gym. You need to watch his shows because one day he’ll be talking to you.

Dr. Oz is not an extremist. He’s a great believer in exercise and more so in regards to diet. He has always maintained that a healthy diet that includes whole foods and natural ingredients will always be more effective than manufactured drugs with their inherent side-effects. When he introduces a product he hasn’t talked about before, demand goes through the roof. This happened when he talked about the benefits of African Mango Extract, Raspberry Ketone and Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, which are three of his favorite natural supplements.

The great thing about these three extracts is they are now readily available and inexpensive.

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African Mango supplement : What to Know About Irvingia Gabonensis

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What Is It?

The Internet has been buzzing about the African mango supplement for weight loss.

Irvingia gabonensis (IG) is the Latin name of the tree grown in Central and West Africa that produces a fruit similar to a mango and nicknamed African mango, wild mango, dika nut, or bush mango. IG contains 50% fat, 26.4% total carbohydrates, 7.5% protein, and 14% fiber.

In areas where IG grows, its flesh is widely eaten. But it’s the seed or nut (fresh or dried) that contain the supposedly powerful ingredients. Sold almost exclusively online, the seed extract comes in powder, liquid, and capsule supplements.

What Are the Claims?

According to certain web sites, the high-soluble fiber content of IG seed can melt away belly fat and trim waistlines. It’s often combined with other ingredients such as green tea and marketed as a fat-burning supplement.

Taking the supplement 30-60 minutes before meals is said to reduce appetite, lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, reduce fat cell growth, boost the breakdown of fats, and improve blood sugar control. There are also claims that it is highly effective at sequestering fat and cholesterol and ridding them from the body.

What Does the Research Show?

There are limited research studies on the health effects of IG extracts, and most of the studies have been sponsored by supplement makers. That’s a red flag, says Marisa Moore, RD, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly called the American Dietetic Association).

A few studies have shown that supplements containing IG extract can aid in weight loss, lower blood cholesterol levels, and improve diabetes control. Researchers suggest it is the high fiber content of the seed that competes with cholesterol and helps remove it.

In one study, people who took an IG extract, given twice daily, lost weight and had an improvement in metabolic conditions linked to insulin resistance.

Another study combined IG with another herbal preparation, Cissus quadrangularis, and resulted in weight loss. The combination of ingredients makes it hard to isolate the role of IG alone. The study’s results could be due to the synergy with the other ingredient and/or the impact of a high-fat, high-fiber supplement on appetite.

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African Mango Diet

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The African Mango Diet Scam TRUTH Exposed by Healthier Post

There is a lot of buzz going around about the African Mango diet. While you can use this supplement to enhance your weight loss efforts, it isn’t exactly a diet. African mango is a new dietary supplement that is becoming extremely popular in weight loss products. The African mango diet has even been promoted on national television from the well-respected Dr. Oz.

The technical term for African mango is Irvingia Gabonensis. The popular name African mango was formed because it is much easier to understand and identify in weight loss products. Irvingia Gabonensis grows naturally in Africa and comes from a seed inside a fruit that looks similar to the mangoes known around the world. This is how the term African mango was formed.
African Mango Diet Benefits

Many people believe this is a fruit, but the actual extract used in health and weight loss products today comes from the seed in the center of the fruit. The seed is incredibly rich in fiber and studies are showing that the African mango diet can help the body in three ways:

1. Enhance weight loss results

2. Lower blood sugar

3. Lower cholesterol levels

The first benefit is what has made African mango diet so popular today. Everyone is looking for a way to speed up their weight loss results or just get weight loss started. Since studies have shown that people supplementing their diet with African mango diet supplements lose more weight than those following the same diets without the supplement, great hope has been placed in this supplement around the world.

The enhanced weight loss benefits are believed to come from an accelerated rate of fat burn inside the body. The intense fibers in this seed have the ability to rid the body of stored fat and unhealthy cholesterol. By allowing the body to burn more stored fat, the African mango diet delivers faster weight loss results to anyone who takes the supplement consistently.

Just as with any other diet…consistency is key!
African mango diet extract can only do its work if a high quality supplementary source is used on a daily basis over an extended period of time.

Yet, the other benefits of African mango diet supplements cannot be ignored. Diabetics can potentially control their blood sugar levels with the help of this supplement and those with high cholesterol levels can benefit from the African mango diet as well. It is very important to check with your doctor before trying the African mango diet or any other supplement for these purposes. This is especially important if you are taking medications for your diabetes or cholesterol levels.

Most people can use African mango supplements for weight loss without any adverse effects.

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