African Mango for weight loss

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We all know weight loss is a million dollar market. We find companies after companies and product after product that promote and claim rapid weight loss. Obesity has lots of negative effects on our health, and impacts us psychologically, emotionally and socially. So, people are in search of such weight loss products that can guarantee quick weight loss.

But, can these products also guarantee sustainable weight loss ?

I first learned about African Mango on Oprah which sparkled my curiosity whether a mango can make you lose weight. Thereafter , I decided to do more research on it.

Scientists have a theory that the seeds of African mango actually contain a soluble fiber which is very similar to water soluble fibre found in oats and apples. Therefore, it acts as a laxative. As these fibers delay gastric emptying and cause absorption of blood glucose into the blood stream to be slowed down.

Besides, these soluble fibers also bind themselves with bile acids in the gut which eventually get removed by a stools, as a result, more bile acids from cholesterol are generated by the body. Thereby, lowering cholesterol levels in the body. So, African mango helps control insulin levels and helps control cholesterol levels.

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african mango

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Now and then all of us buy a product on the web that either never came, or when it did came we wished it really never came. A funny circumstance but a fact. As a part of this consumer society, with a ton of nutritional supplements made day after day, we’re flooded each day by heaps of ads on every source possible: e-mail, TV, billboards, world wide web commercials, etc.

Before you go and acquire a program from the online world it is best to bear in mind the potential ripoffs and there are two strategies, in most cases, how you could possibly be mislead. The 1st way, it is the value of the dietary supplement, and the next way would the website/person you’re buying from. It’s really self-explanatory, but I’ll go into detail in the following few sentences. Truth be told you can never be too watchful or it will cost you a tad… if not more.I most certainly will also try to resolve in my own way if African mango is a rip-off.

How could a person tell if a product has real value, as with our case, is african mango a health supplement of value? The simplest way you can recognize a dietary supplement is valuable or not is to relay on the work of other individuals. For those who haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about scientific tests. There is however a catch here too.

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The Mango Diet?

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Summer is just half over, and there is still time for one more unsubstantiated weight-loss craze to dupe hopeful dieters before swimsuit season is over. We’ve already had the cabbage diet, the acai diet, now it’s time for the “mango diet.” Never mind that innumerable mango eaters worldwide are plus-sized. There is no need to let facts stand in the way of a profitable enterprise. The mango diet is here with a vengeance, and many is the fool who will spend good money on this latest bit of smoke and mirrors.

Let’s start with the basics. Mango (Mangifera indica) is one of the most succulent and delectable fruits in nature. Juicy, sweet and fragrant, the mango is the most widely cultivated fruit throughout the tropics. Cultivated heavily worldwide in virtually all tropical locales, mango originates from South Asia and is now widely distributed wherever it can grow. The so-called “mango diet” uses the African “bush mango,” a wild species called Irvinga gabonensis. According to the perpetrators of this mango scheme, this wild species contains a special agent called IGOB131, that eliminate fats in the body. Skirting hard science while making big promises, the promoters of the mango diet claim that the seeds of this wild fruit contain “special fiber” that binds to cholesterol and helps to eliminate unwanted fats from the body- thereby resulting in rapid weight loss. Don’t you believe it for a New York minute.

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Rules of Weight Loss For men

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Though both men and women are regarded to be the same, there is lots of difference between them; let it be in physical appearance or in the functioning of the body organs. Yes!! In men obesity may more often be the result of a stressful life which they undergo as they will have to strike a balance between their career and their personal life. Unlike ancient days, women of this age are facing this situation similar to men as they have also started living an independent life in the society. But the body structure of women facilitates the weight loss strategy but for men it is more difficult and hence weight loss for men can be dealt as a separate topic itself.

Here are few simple which when followed by men can result in effective weight loss.

Set realistic goals:

Have a proper focus and aim which is realistic and achievable. Though the weight loss is slow, have confidence in yourself and you can achieve long term results very effectively. Do not get frustrated or de-motivated if initial results are not favorable to you.

Exercise Regularly:

Unlike women, men have to develop a strong physic which at the same time doesn’t seem to be obese. Therefore a moderate exercise daily is very essential not only to shed off the extra pounds but also to maintain a strong physic. Any women would come behind a guy if he maintains its physic perfectly and men who are desperate of not having a girl friend have to consider this point very seriously. Exercises including the abdomen, walking, aerobics, running, swimming, cardio can be carried out. Out of all these walking and abdomen have to be done at least for 30 minutes every day.

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Rules To Achieve Weight Loss Goal

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A number of myths are associated with various processes to lose weight. But despite that the fact remains the same that loosing weight is not at all a complicated or mysterious process. weight loss is not at all a hard nut to grind as many people think it to be. weight loss need not necessarily imply that you have to do vigorous workouts or diet very hard till the time you don’t faint. The secret of weight lies in making a little bit change in your daily schedule then you yourself can see all the changes just you have to do one thing that is follow it strictly.

Here are a few rules listed for weight loss

You have to burn three thousand calories approximately in order to loose one pound over and above what your burn in your day to day routine. It is not impossible as it may sound. Here are a few steps of doing so:

Basal metabolic rate should be calculated. Basal metabolic rate is what our body needs to perform all the functions like breathing, digestion etc.
Second thing to be calculated is the activity level. A calorie meter should be used to calculate the number of calories you burn throughout the day in doing all the daily routine activities like sitting, walking, weight lifting etc.
You should also keep track of your daily calorie intake. Keeping a track prevents you from having too much or too less calories. You can use a food journal to keep a track of what you eat and drink. If you intake a lesser number of calories and the same time burn them too then you’ll definitely loose weight.

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Simple And Useful Weight Loss Tips

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These days, there really seems to be less and less people able to find the time to lose weight. With everyones busy schedules, how are we able to keep ourselves healthy and maintain an ideal weight? People immediately think diet and exercise when they think of weight loss, both of which already sound time consuming. So, without the time consuming factor, the following easy adjustments to your nutrition plan will help guide you towards your health and weight loss goals.

1. Only pick water as your choice of beverage.

Just by eliminating the sugar drinks, diet drinks and sodas from your diet, you will automatically cause a substantial decrease in weight. Artificial sweeteners are no good either, they can actually cause you to gain weight, even more than sugar can, as they act like toxins in your body. By squeezing lemon in your glass or making flavored herbal tea to cool and turn into iced tea, will make drinking water more interesting.

2. Keep away from the 4 white foods below.

This includes white sugar, dairy, refined salt and white flour. By just eliminating these four foods, you will be able to see a dramatic drop in weight and also be more energetic. The majority of people know that flour, refined salt and sugar can have harmful effects but what about dairy? Dairy is a huge reason behind the fact that a great number of people find it hard to move the excess weight. Dairy is linked to clogged arteries, weight gain, inflammation to the body and digestive problems. Instead of dairy, you can easily still get your calcium from leafy greens.

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