African Mango for weight loss

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We all know weight loss is a million dollar market. We find companies after companies and product after product that promote and claim rapid weight loss. Obesity has lots of negative effects on our health, and impacts us psychologically, emotionally and socially. So, people are in search of such weight loss products that can guarantee quick weight loss.

But, can these products also guarantee sustainable weight loss ?

I first learned about African Mango on Oprah which sparkled my curiosity whether a mango can make you lose weight. Thereafter , I decided to do more research on it.

Scientists have a theory that the seeds of African mango actually contain a soluble fiber which is very similar to water soluble fibre found in oats and apples. Therefore, it acts as a laxative. As these fibers delay gastric emptying and cause absorption of blood glucose into the blood stream to be slowed down.

Besides, these soluble fibers also bind themselves with bile acids in the gut which eventually get removed by a stools, as a result, more bile acids from cholesterol are generated by the body. Thereby, lowering cholesterol levels in the body. So, African mango helps control insulin levels and helps control cholesterol levels.

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